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Sustainability Policy

Part of Crown Packaging’s business strategy is to meet today’s needs without compromising tomorrow’s generations. To this end, Crown Packaging has built a Sustainability Platform that rests on 3 pillars consisting of People, the Planet and Performance.

People Are Important
Crown Packaging sees social responsibility as a vital element that dictates how we operate as a company. Our mission includes maintaining a high standard of ethical behavior towards people and active involvement that supports our local communities.

  • Ethical Behavior
    With corporate guidelines supporting it, Crown Packaging sets a high standard for behavioral conduct that includes a good working environment promoting workplace health, safety and human rights. Intolerant of harassment and discrimination, we train our team members to identify and report suspect behavior to our Management and Human Resources departments.
  • Local Community Support
    Crown Packaging actively engages in the support of our surrounding communities. We are proud to have started ‘The Hunger Run‘ in Dayton, Ohio, with all proceeds forwarded to the House of Bread, a nonprofit organization that serves hot, nutritious meals year round to anyone in need. Originating in 2013, this annual run was started to generate an awareness of and a lifeline for those in need. Additionally, we engage in programs that gather school supplies, food, clothing and toys, in support of other local nonprofit organizations and initiatives.
  • Data Security
    We are serious when it comes to maintaining privacy needs. To that end, we maintain a solid data security environment through a powerful back-up system. this protects our customers, our suppliers and our employees from cyber or natural disaster catastrophe

The Planet is Important
At Crown Packaging, we recognize the importance of being environmentally aware. Understanding the negative impact a business can have on the environment, we continuously strive to improve our processes to reduce negative effects of our carbon footprint.

  • Recycle waste material where ever possible.
  • Use electronic methods (emailing PDFs, electronic transfers, teleconferencing, etc.) to reduce the use of paper and avoid unnecessary travel.
  • Recycle, repurpose, and donate equipment no longer of use to the company.
  • Reduce our energy usage through the use of low energy / motion activated light bulbs, shutting down equipment after work, automatic thermostat changes, etc.
  • Purchase products with a lower environmental impact such as recycled paper and environmentally safe soaps, etc.
  • Use recycled packaging materials whenever possible.

Performance Matters
We don’t just claim to be sustainable, we live it. We make choices to invest in our infrastructure, our work force and our surrounding communities to make our business more sustainable today and for future generations.



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